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Reflexology is a non intrusive holistic therapy which can be used for all ages. It is based on the belief that reflex areas on the feet, hands, face and ears relate to other areas of the body and can therefore be used to reduce the amount of tension throughout the body’s systems i.e. not just the muscles. Tension within the body can reduce blood flow and efficacy, sometimes leading to reduced movement, pain and many of the mental and physical symptoms we associate with ‘stress’. Reflexology aims to allow the recipient to experience a state of deep relaxation of both mind and body, and therefore restore balance and access the body’s own natural healing abilities. Most often a therapist uses their hands to apply pressure to the feet and lower leg. Although a transient discomfort may be felt during the treatment, generally the experience should be relaxing, and people note a feeling of improved wellbeing after a short time. Both treatment and responses to treatment are different for each individual.

Stephanie Padbury MAR has had a private reflexology practice in Loughborough since 1989. She is one of the longest standing members of The Association of Reflexologists, the foremost, independent professional body for reflexology n the UK. As a fully insured member of the Association, she is committed to abide by their code of practice, ethics and confidentiality, as well as completing regular ‘Continued Professional Development’.

Following an introductory study into Naturopathy with The Australian College of Natural Therapies, Stephanie first trained as a reflexologist in Hong Kong, before returning to England to qualify with the Reflexology Centre. She specialises in migraine management also teaches T’ai Chi.

To book an appointment or just to discuss whether reflexology would be suitable for you, please telephone her on 01509 218 043.

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